The OnePlus Nord CE- A Smartphone With One Great Thing


One year since OnePlus boldly stepped into the affordable and mid-range smartphone market with its OnePlus Nord CE, it’s back with the latest and greatest – OnePlus Nord CE. That in the name of a new flagship device that aims to bring together the best elements of the smartphone and the tablet. That in the name of a phone that has been widely panned by critics across the globe. And in the face of an equally large number of people who will simply never be swayed to buy it.

The good news is that the company behind the popular smartphone and tablet still have much to offer. One of those things is its flagship product, the OnePlus Nord CE. It comes with a powerful punch, boasting a 3200mah battery, a rock solid design, high-end specs, and most importantly, a long time warranty. And best of all, it costs just $ Mobility Plus per month. oneplus nord ce

The good news first comes from the way it works – you don’t have to use a prepaid card in order to buy the OnePlus devices. The way it works is quite a different approach from other smartphone makers. You can buy the Oneonic through any network provider. Just like all the other handsets, you can buy it on contract or post-sale. This is where the company differs from others – it makes it easy for you to have a new device every month without having to buy a new SIM card. When you buy the one through your network provider, you might have to shell out for a monthly service charge to continue using your existing handset.

The OneUp model also comes equipped with an innovative feature called “Analog Stick”. What does this mean? Just as phones from other manufacturers have Analog buttons, the OneUp has an Analog Stick which enables you to take notes or make the most use of multi-touch support. You can use the phone as a note-taking tool as well as a virtual keyboard. If you’re wondering if the price tag for this smartphone is justified, it is.

If there’s one thing that impresses people about the Oppositely, it’s its impressive battery. For smartphones in this price range, many manufacturers feature less than stellar batteries. The Oppositely features a battery that lasts up to two full working days on just one charge. It also boasts an impressive battery life, something that most smartphone companies have failed to match. In fact, the only smartphone that can beat the OneUp’s two day battery life is the iPhone 4S, which sells for almost twice the price of the Nord and costs nearly double what the smartphone costs in its base price.

As you would expect with an smartphone of this caliber, the OneUp also offers some features that will appeal to the more tech-savvy consumers. For example, you can get the Android OS experience that is included on the phone for free, although the upgrade to nord ce 5g is available for an additional fee. The phone also comes with Google Play, which allows you to download any of the apps that are available through the store directly to your device. As with most of the best smartphones, the Oppositely has access to a vast array of applications and most importantly, it comes preloaded with most of them. If you want to get the most out of your device, you should definitely consider purchasing the OneUp.

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