Mi Note Pro – A Comprehensive Review


Mi Note 10 Pro has been launched in Australia almost exactly a year ago. As the name suggests, it is a device that is used to take notes and also to shoot photographs and videos. The first version of this particular smartphone was released in the market in early July this year. At that time, it had some serious flaws which made it a great fail in the market. These were the excessively large bezels on the home button, problems related to the fingerprint recognition and also problems related to the overall design. However, all these issues have been taken care of in the latest version of Mi Note 10 Pro which is the one which has been launched recently.

Mi Note 10 Pro was launched on 4th march 2021. This device has a 6.67 inch touchscreen display as well as a Dual Shot camera. The phone has a gorgeous metallic finish which looks simply gorgeous. The device also comes with a nice stylus which makes it even more attractive. Redmi Note 10 Pro comes powered by an octa- Core Qualcommence Quad processor.

The camera on the rear of the device is a dual lens camera with f/2.0 aperture and an optical zoom lens which offers an excellent picture quality. Along with the camera, the phone also comes equipped with an intuitive interface which allows the users to enjoy the various features with ease. Some of the notable features which can be enjoyed with this handset are the Live wallpaper option, double picture zoom, microSD card, Noise Filter, screen wipe, video recording, image stabilization, 5 LED lights, notification light, data backup and much more.

This device is also featured with a nice high definition camera which comes along with an amoled screen. The resolution of the device is 8 mega pixels in case of the camera as well as the LCD screen which is measured at 401 pixels in height. The impressive features of this handset like the camera, battery life and other functionalities are made all possible due to its high quality cell. As the device runs on the octa- core Qualcommence Quad-core processor, the performance of the device is quite strong. The Mi Note 10 Pro also comes along with a neat connectivity features like HSDPA, HSDPAB, CDMA, FLEX and GSM. Mi Note 10 Pro

However, the amazing thing about the Mi Note 10 Pro is that it does not use an ARM processor, which means that it is a little slower than the normal offerings. It is one of the first handsets which are available which come with the new amoled screen technology. However, many users are disappointed as they feel that the performance of the device is average as compared to the others. There is no doubt that the device is a high performing device but the question is whether it is up to the mark when it comes to the camera and other functionalities.

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